Large and Small Animal Rescue

DART logo WFPD firefighters and DART members are the primary resource for animal rescues within the Fire Protection district.  DART in collaboration with Woodside Fire Fighters responds 24/7, 365 days a year to animal rescues of any size within the Woodside Fire Protection District.

Their training includes:

  • Applying technical skills with an understanding of prey animal behavior and characteristics.
  • How to maneuver large animals with the use of multiple rope systems and remote anchors.
  • How to adapt standard engine equipment for LAR application and learn about specialized LAR appliances.
  • All are trained in how to work with multiple agencies to set common goals and resolve LAR incidents effectively.
  • How to follow Incident command structure ICS at a LAR scene.
  • How to stay safe on-scene and not pose a danger to others through inappropriate behavior.
  • Safe positioning and understanding of horse behavior and characteristics.