CERPP Communications Committee. This committee was chartered to design and implement a district-wide communications plan and equipment system for use in major disasters.

CERPP enlisted several experienced amateur radio and engineering personnel to form the committee, which continues to enlist others with an active interest in radio communications.

Over several years, the Communications Committee surveyed the CERPP area and planned an effective network of UHF and VHF radios and family service radios (walkie-talkies). The committee obtained use of available American Red Cross frequency channels. The committee procured and installed radio equipment, including necessary antennas, throughout the district’s challenging terrain. That equipment links neighborhoods and divisions throughout unincorporated areas, Portola Valley and Woodside with the San Mateo County Emergency Operations Center, which allocates resources to respond to major emergencies.

The CERPP communications plan assumes a worst-case major earthquake or other disaster that disables the public telephone network, including both landlines and cellular telephones, or that overloads any lines that survive.

The committee holds frequent classes to train residents, neighborhoods, divisions and schools in the effective use of radios, conducts radio checks, and evaluates communications readiness during CERPP exercises.