Neighborhood Earthquake Exercise
Simulated Damage Sign Generator


- Enter the scenarios into the text box below.
- Use the examples provided, modify them, or make up your own.
- A line that starts with a dash causes a new page.
- You can have up to 7 lines of text on each sign.
- Cut and paste the text into your favorite text editor if you want spell checking
    or to save a copy of your scenarios.
- If you come up with new scenarios, consider sharing them on the CERPP Yahoo! Group.
- When you are done creating scenarios, click on the "Create pdf file" button to
    generate a multi page Adobe pdf file of your signs.
- I printed the pdf file onto bright orange paper to make the "damage" easy to spot.
- You can also take the pdf file to a copy shop to have them printed on brightly colored
cardstock. The logos are color, but save some money, and print them in black & white.