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Firewise Presentations

Recently CERPP and the Woodside Fire Protection District made presentations of new information to help you to prevent your home from burning in a wildland fire. This page contains copies of the presentation materials.

A YouTube video of the Melody Fire in Reno led off the presentation. Four or five homes consumed in a wildland fire in just a few minutes. Yes fire can move fast.

Battalion Chiefs Dan Ghiorso and Don Romero then gave a short presentation.

<Link to Woodside Fire's Presentation Goes Here>

Finally John Carnes with CERPP, gave a short summary of what was presented in the recent Firewise class held locally.

John's Firewise Presentation (in Apple Keynote Format, 147Mb)

John's Firewise Presentation (in Powerpoint Format, zipped file 102Mb)

John's Script (in .rtf format)

The pictures and movies from John's talk, if you want to roll your own version (175Mb zip file)

Other Resources

Video - Fire Behavior in the Wildland/Urban Interface

This YouTube search provides lots of other good fire related material.

Finally the firewise.org web site is a gold mine of useful information.