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CERPP Activation

Significant Earthquake

A significant earthquake will automatically activate the CERPP Neighborhood Emergency Action Plans.

CERPP Team Members should check their own property and then continue on to check their neighbors.

In the event that significant damage has occurred CERPP Teams should continue to perform the duties outlined in the Neighborhood Emergency Action Plans until such time as the need for such actions no longer exists.

If there is only minor damage and injury, CERPP Teams should report the situation status of their neighborhood up the communications chain. When there is no longer a need for CERPP Teams, the teams should request permission to stand down from DOC.

Local earthquakes with a magnitude of 5.0 or greater should activate your neighborhood team to check the neighborhood and report the situation status of their neighborhood up the communications chain.

Localized Emergencies

CERPP Team Members should activate whenever they can offer needed assistance in a localized emergency.

CERPP Team Members should first report emergency situations via 911, if this has not already been done.

CERPP Team Members should assist the situation in a manner appropriate to their level of training, and consistent with the CERPP’s established plans.

CERPP Team Members should relinquish control of an incident to professional emergency responders when they arrive. They may continue to assist with the situation if so directed by the professional emergency responders.

Approaching Danger

When a hazard is approaching a CERPP neighborhood, such as an incoming winter storm or a nearby wildland fire. CERPP Team Members should remain alert to the situation, make any necessary preparations and take any precautionary actions deemed necessary.